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NSN manages and maintains your IT department and infrastructure.
Your company focus on your core business, adds value and reduces costs.

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Wireless networks are at an inflection point, which may
completely replace wired data networks.

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NSN designs and develops software tools and interfaces to link systems,
the systems automatically dialogue with each other and your company is moving smoothly.


About Us

We are technology consultants dedicated to the development of technological tools for the optimization of all processes that require medium and large enterprises today for a competitive performance. With a team of analysts, IT specialists, developers, designers and communicators, NSN offers from more than 10 consecutive years, from various disciplines designed solutions that ensure a comprehensive treatment of all technological and communication processes.

Our proposal is that your company has the latest technology available and integrate all of your communications through the external management of the Department of Systems and Technology, greatly reducing costs. To achieve these goals, we offer:

  • IT Consulting Services
  • Logical and Physical Data Networks Planning Services
  • Web Platforms and Mobile Apps Development
  • Cloud Computing Solutions
  • Online Marketing Campaigns Management (THIS – SEM – Email Marketing – Community Management)

Constant research of the latest available technologies, real and permanent personal advice, OnSite and OnLine.

NSN a company formed by trained and creative specialists.

“Our mission is to be technology partners of our customers. Creating a strategic alliance, the company is dedicated to its core bussiness while we work on their technological evolution. Expect us!”

Gabriel Spanish
General manager
New Soul Net

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