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Samsung created an app to help Alzheimer’s patients to remember their family

Android device can be used for all kinds of utilities. All a developer or manufacturer wants to get. Since use the flash as a flashlight to be used as a method of slowing Alzheimer’s.

Samsung has released a very interesting proposal that families with members with this disease can postpone the time when you forget them. A hard stick that nobody wants to suffer. Backup Memory, an application to treat Alzheimer’s.

Samsung has released Backup Memory , a very interesting application for Alzheimer’s patients and their families . It is a method which although not medically diagnosed, if it can be interesting to treat the disease idea. This is, broadly speaking, a ‘album’ of vitaminado memories . Thus, the person with memory problems these can remember, through images, to their loved ones.

The application wants to be easy for a person seniors to be able to use it. Once inside we see all added new friends and add . Each person you can add pictures and text to make clear memory of the affected pictures of the two together can seruna

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